The Blessing Month

It’s been months since last time I wrote my blog. I can say cause it’s my hectic time or my laziness to open my draft. The reality is I want my post can be perfect and then I confuse how to make it perfect……
Now I decide, I can write everything  I like no matter it can be bored or interesting. The point is I have to post consistently my thought so I have a note about my appealing life….:)
Coheren with the title, this month is very very bless and holy month for moslem. As a moslem, I am welcoming it from the deep of my heart. Allah will give much blesses and forgiveness to all of man/woman who devote their life to Him and believe everything is happened because His decision and that’s the best for us.
We call this month Ramadhan. All moslem should be fasting and control more his behaviour/emotion in Ramadhan to show obedience to Allah order.  We can get more blesses in this month for every kindness that we do…..let’s grab this as much as we can and do Allah’s order and all the kindness as today is our last day in our life.

Happy Ramadhan my friend and exploit it as much as you can for your timeless happiness……


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